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Providing high quality psychological assessment to individuals in all stages of life by limiting barriers and offering services for all populations (community members)

Who we are

Unlocking the potential within you

Verge Psychological Assessment Center aims at promoting good mental and emotional health while enhancing individuality, potential for independence, and interpersonal relationships with family and community. We believe in providing personalized services to meet our clients’ needs and goals through a comprehensive plan, while respecting their right to privacy. At Verge, we strive to help our clients discover a better path to improved mental and emotional health. 

Our Value

Quality care from qualified experts.

Our team of licensed neuropsychologists has extensive training in assessing the relationship between brain function and behavior. 


Provide comprehensive and high-quality psychological assessments that empower individuals to understand their unique strengths and challenges.


Promote good mental and emotional health by enhancing the dignity and potential of every individual.


Unlocking the power of self-awareness through assessment.

What we offer

Discovering the depth of the human mind

Neuropsychological Assessments
Evaluate cognitive functioning and identify any neurological disorders.
Neurodevelopmental Evaluations
For children and adolescents who may be experiencing challenges
Diagnostic Assessments
Assessments used to identify or rule out the presence of a specific mental health condition such as depression, social anxiety, ADHD, or autism.
Psychoeducational Assessments
Evaluate a student's cognitive abilities and learning style.
Postdoctoral Training for Clinical Psychologists
Designed to provide psychologists with additional training.

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